Empowering Your Teen's Learning Journey with SkillMate

SkillMate is a revolutionary platform designed to support and engage your teen's development of crucial human skills.

The lessons are self-paced and only take a few minutes a day.

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About Our Founders.

Naomi, Frank & David, who are parents of teens, realized that many teens lack the soft skills that are crucial for lifelong success in this rapidly changing world of automation and AI. That is what inspired them to create SkillMate.

Designed by education professor Frank, its individualized, self-paced monthly video lessons can be completed in about one hour per week. Our founders wish they had SkillMate when they were teens, and that is why they created it for their own teens and yours, too.

What is SkillMate?
SkillMate provides accessible, engaging, and real-world relevant lessons aimed to equip teens with the human skills like -- recognizing their strengths & triggers and understanding their self-motivation -- that they'll need for life-long learning and success.
Dozens of lessons available
New content every month. Each month focuses on a new skill, such as "Living with Purpose" and "Managing Time and Priorities."
Track learners
Track your learner's progress. Adults are able to track each child's progress and access all the available lessons.
21st century learning
Support teens' human skills. SkillMate bridges the gap between the classroom and the crucial human skills needed for success.
Up to four learners
Invite up to four learners to join SkillMate. And don't worry -- If you sign up one learner today, you can fill your three remaining seats at a later time.

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How Your Teen Benefits from SkillMate?
At SkillMate, we don't want the next generation to merely survive the future - we want them to be the leaders, pioneers, and innovators leading change and creating opportunity.
Happy teenager shaking hands with another person in the Skillmate program.
We know that 21st century parents understand the value of preparing their children for the modern workforce and lifelong learning. But we are busy and there just aren't enough hours in the day to do it on our own. That is why we created SkillMate.
We are here to be your partner and support your learners' lifelong learning and success.

Our bite-sized modules allow them to explore and apply these skills in their everyday lives, bridging the gap between the classroom and a rapidly changing world.

The lessons are self-paced and only take a few minutes a day.

After a free 30-day trial, subscribe for $19/month for the first learner and $12/month for each additional learner. You may cancel at any time.

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What will your teens learn at SkillMate?
Every month, each learner will have access to new video content and recommended activities that is based on their current level of understanding of that month's topic.
Our curriculum and lessons were developed by a Ph.D. college professor who is an early pioneer of online learning and specializes in instructional design and leadership development.
Year 1 focuses on “Managing Challenges & Opportunities” with each month's lessons teaching the important components of this.
For example, the first month's lessons are “Understanding My Purpose”. Month 2 is “Using Thoughts, Feelings, and Emotions” and month 3 is “Managing Time and Priorities.”
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